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The video from our first Body, Mind & Soul Event in 2022

Our program in 2022

12:00 - 12:05

Welcome Djovaroh-Events

12:05 - 12:30

Singing Bowls experience with Inge Visser

12:30 - 14:15

Meditation en heart healing with Mayana

14:15 - 15:00 

Coffee and snacks break

15:00 - 18:00

Voice-over workshop with Voiceconsult

Anneke Beukman en Franky Rampen


  • Thank you for the great day! Enjoyed it very much, I am impressed with the people and what we did. Inspiring!

  • Thank you Habibi it was beautiful yesterday I feel lucky to have been there ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  • It was such a party, lovely lovely people and an incredible success

  • Thanks again for a fun and inspiring day!

  • WHAT A GREAT DAY......thank you dear!

  • Hi dear, thank you for today. It was fantastic! ❤️

  • Thank you very much Johan, it was a beautiful afternoon 😘



Author, singer/songwriter, meditation messenger & spokesperson for light Mayana has the ability to uniquely inspire and further open people to their own strength, wisdom and abilities. She says: “Sustainable change is needed these days. We are being asked to act differently and be more aligned with ourselves and with the bigger picture. When we coincide with our potential, so much more and different is possible. Go from intellect to intuition, from head to heart, from me to we. Especially now from fear to love.” FYI: listen to her beautiful and free online meditations on Soundcloud, read her book 'Hart' or listen to her album 'I Am' on Spotify.

Anoushka de Wolff

Singer, Mind Body Coach, NLP Master and counselor Anoushka de Wolff has developed skills and techniques from her extensive work and life experience that you can use to support life. What are your shadow sides that need to be put back into the light for more clarity and healing. Or in her own words: Where is the noise? How do you climb back up after reaching the bottom? Losing your story, finding your story.


Inge Visser

Until the age of thirty she danced around the world to tell her story without words. Later she noticed that dance and spirituality have a lot in common. She studied, among other things, at the Center for Life and Intuition, NLP at the Academy of Psychologica and through mindfulness she came into contact with Vipassana meditation.With the help of the magical sounds of singing bowls, we help you to get more connected with your body and what needs to be released.


Ellen Duim

I really recommend everyone to meet Ellen. Her hand-reading sessions are spot on. She gives consultations, workshops and business sessions. Her mission is to inspire people and make them aware of their talents, possibilities, pitfalls and desires. Hands don't tell fairy tales or lie. They show who you essentially are without judgment. 


Anneke Beukman & Franky Rampen

Anneke (TV actress, voice actress, director, singer and dancer) and Franky (singer, composer, producer and sound engineer) have joined forces in Voicecounsult ( Thanks to their mobile voice-over studio, they give workshops and masterclasses throughout the country. Their passion and drive for this profession is so contagious that you will experience what it is like to become a part of the world of movies without hesitation and with full joy. Have you always wanted to experience what it's like to record a cartoon or real-life movie? Now is your chance. Whatever comes up, we will end the day together in laughter.

Owner of Djovaroh-Events

Johan noticed in his immediate surrounding, partly due to the period behind us, a great need to reconnect with each other. However, he believes that an equal and loving connection with each other can only take place if you are also lovingly and acceptingly connected to your deepest self. The world we live in makes you think.

We came to earth focused on love and being loved. From an early age, we experience rejection in any way or form. You can call it experiences of non-love that make us experience and believe that we are not good enough. Passed down from generation to generation. The pain of rejection is so painful that we try everything to stop feeling it. We suppress it and with it our feelings and let our head do the work. We fall into all sorts of roles and patterns that lead us to believe that if we stick to it, we won't be rejected anymore. However, we move further and further away from our true selves. Repeated self-rejection also keeps us from true happiness.In the end, many of us are afraid to really speak up or to really be ourselves. In addition, the world made us believe that feelings are wrong, intuition means nothing and that we have to behave and act in a certain way to be accepted. To be allowed, to be.

The rational mind and the ego as the leader of life. In my opinion, this has gotten way out of hand and has caused loneliness, pain and suffering. What would it be like to live a joyful healthy life where we can truly be ourselves and experience love? Unfortunately, love has often been ridiculed and dismissed as silly and transitory. But love stands for compassion, joy, connection, a warm hug, a helping hand, positivity, creative expression, laughter, friendship, caring for each other, absence of fear and much more. It is the strongest and most healing energy on this planet and beyond. I see and feel that we are at a turning point. Or we do nothing, and the world and humanity will suffer even more. Or we connect and help each other to heal ourselves and this world. It is my mission to leave this world better and more hopeful for generations to come and I know there are many of you who feel the same way. To get this done, we need to start connecting again and stand together. The Body, Mind & Soul Events and the Team building events are the first step towards a more positive and loving world.

When you begin to be the authentic you, you create an environment where others can do the same.
At a young age, Johan developed an interest in spirituality, connection and healing. After reading many books and attending many national and international events in this field, Johan felt that the time had come to organize his own events.

For questions about the events, please leave a message on the page below.
For more information about him visit: Djovaroh The Artist.


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